Column III​/​Krampvs Split


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These are the final four Krampvs tracks that'll ever exist.
Stay Party.
Stay Gucci.
Thank you everyone.


released March 4, 2014

KRAMPVS's songs were recorded and mixed by sound lord/mix wizard Kenny Mitchell.
Guest Vocal on Scapegoat by Cody Conrad
S/O to our boys at the In And Out off the I-17 and Carefree Highway, holdin' it down.

KRAMPVS is/was
Flabber Bongrad: Vocals
Bryn: Guitar, Bass
Tan "Takes Too Long And Can't Play Drums That Well" Johnson: Drums

Column III's track was recored and mixed by tone master/Fuzz god Josh Medina at Resurgent Recordings.



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KRAMPVS Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Grief
This just appears to be lucid dreams.
You say you're happy but you're not.
The false sense of security.
It'll be alright. It'll be alright.
But it won't so what's the point?
Track Name: Darkness And Nothing More
I am lost and will not be found.
You made me feel so empty.
Praying will do no good.
Let go, stop wasting your time.
We're all just waiting to die.
Track Name: The Only Cure Is Death
"Be a man he said." But what does that mean?
Show you care, don't let her rot.
Be a human being.
There's more I wish to say.
But this gets old.
I fucking hate that we're the same
That's all I'm ever told.
I'm no better than you.

Just fucking kill me.
Track Name: Scapegoat (Feat. Cody Conrad)
It's 8 in the morning, you don't fucking need that.
It doesn't give you courage.
You're pathetic, a coward.
Take this pill and wash away.
Your suffering will still remain.
Same drug different day.
All of this shit is here to stay.
Hide behind the bottle and hope something will change.

One last taste of the bitter drip on your lips.
One more time at the bottom of the bottle.
it is here you'll sink down, with only hopes to be found but
it is on the rocks I'm certain you'll drown.
But I'll break the glass to my own reflection choke on the pieces before that's ever me.
Her life in the balance, her heart in my hands.

The liquid made her a widow and made me a man.
Track Name: Column III - SnuSnu (Viral)
The voice of the masses
Unsound, they ring out
A product of malnourished minds
Misfed polluted information
Screaming out for satisfaction
This is the way it was intended
To keep us separate
Our hearts grow desperate
Our vision becomes unclear
Is this what we're left with
Uncertainty fueled by fear
Unsound, they ring out
The whole, divided
I'm left to wonder where dreams go when the body returns home

Thoughts and words
Drift among empty planes
Free and hollow
Flowing endlessly
Longing for embodiment
Only to be cast astray
A spacious vacancy
Where seemingly feeble concepts
Lay cold and barren